Friday, November 30, 2007

Historisk monument.

Vyrde Lesar.

I Sarpsborg snakkes det også om turisme.

Her er et av de få historiske monumenter vi har i Sarpsborg.

Roger Larsen.

PS : Fra boken Cosmic Jackpot :

Do the primeval laws governing the universe precede the existence of the universe; if so, in what realm do they operate? Or do the laws expand into existence along with the universe itself? If the latter, what determines the rules of the laws' arrival? This big set of questions is usually pushed away from science and left for theologians and philosophers to invent answers for. Cosmologist and astrophysicist Paul Davies reclaims these fundamental topics as suitable for scientific answers. He reports from the frontiers of knowledge where researchers are measuring, quantifying, and theorizing on the nature of universal laws. Davies includes in the range of answers the very weird possibility that we sentient observers may be partly responsible for the fundamental laws of nature. Let that one sink in. This is an incredibly heady, trippy book, done with masterful clarity and sanity. It's probably the "biggest" book I've ever read.

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