Sunday, November 04, 2007

Inglish påem

Vyrde Lesar.

I Sarpsborg er nok tomteprisene lavere enn i New York.

The Påem!

there are no gardens anymore,
he said,
and up he tore,
a dandillion yellow, strong.
could I be stupid?
could I be wrong?

what all before,
as beauty's seen,
a house of wood,
just like a queen,
is now just rubbel,
gray as dust,
what drives these peple?
greed or lust?

were grass so green,
enlightening were,
now it's crushed,
they do not care,
have you seen,
the stars above?
they do nor care,
nor do the cow.

but we,
the people,
should not we,
around us loook,
at flowers see,
shoud we say :
we do not care!
or should we scream?
STOP !!!
we're living here

when made to timber,
do the treees,
take take to stingin,
like the bees,
or do they say
like people shouldm
nay, nay, nay,
I'm not just wood!!

And You, Molester,
Fingers off
I hesitate, I turn, I cough,
I raise my ax,
I see your head,
the ax goes red,
and you are dead.

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