Monday, April 05, 2010

Søppel og forfall OVERALT i Sarpsborg. Og universenes(?) klokker.

Vyrde Lesar.

I Sarpsborg griner forfallet mot oss overalt. OVERALT!! Gjerder, fotallgjerder, støygjerder, søppelkasser uten bunn, søppelkasser uten alt, dritt og søppel flyter.


Where Is The Best Clock in the Universe? : The widespread belief that pulsars are the best clocks in the Universe is wrong, say physicists.

Pulsars are rotating neutron stars that produce highly periodic bursts of radio waves. So accurate are pulsar signals that when they were discovered, astronomers gave serious credence to the idea that they were evidence of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe because they were unmatched by anything physicists could make on Earth. This has lead to the widespread belief that pulsars are the most accurate clocks in the Universe.

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