Thursday, August 11, 2011

skular og dei fattige tjuane ...

Vyrde Lesar.

I Sarpsborg står dette i den STOOOORE leder : om opptøyene i England : "de rammer ikke først og fremst de rike, men andre fattige" ..."slike gjerninger finnes det ingen unnskyldninger for" ... ja, ja, hadde det bare gått utover de rike, så hadde det vært ok? Makan ....

Fra Amerika, om : The state of science, technology, engineering and
mathematics (STEM) education.

The first step should be to tap the strengths of the existing teaching pool. We must identify today’s Escalantes — the top 5 percent of the nation’s STEM teachers- and, as recommended in the administration report, induct them into a STEM master teachers corps that would receive salary supplements and federal funding to support their activities.

Second, we need to give all teachers the tools they need. Escalante brought toys to class: a plastic monkey climbing up and down a pole illustrated the inverse function. Teachers shouldn’t have to rely on homemade props. We should form the quivalent of an Advanced Research Projects Agency to help develop educational technologies, including “deeply digital” instructional materials that encourage active participation. At the same time, we should recognize that new technology isn’t a solution in itself and shouldn’t come at the expense of other needs. Many schools get grants and donations for the latest computers and software yet can’t buy books for their libraries or beakers for their science labs.

Finally, we should shift our emphasis from standards to implementation. Developing new standards does have a role, but the problem for most schools is not a lack of good curriculum options. It is the difficulty of putting them into practice, given the day-to-day pressures that teachers are under. If anything, new standards and tests often get in the way by forcing educators to teach to the test, rather than encouraging critical thinking.

og VI det rike Norge, kan bruke 5 milliarder i året på dette.

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